WorkshopEast was founded by former students of the Building Craft College in London.


“While at the Building Crafts College we became aware of the scarcity of affordable, professional workspace for people wanting to develop careers as designer makers. To remedy that, we would start a workshop, run by makers for makers.”

Mauro_Steve - B&W.jpg

Designer makers Mauro Dell’Orco and Steve Cook run and manage the workshop alongside their own studio practice.



“We are constantly looking to make new links with colleges, universities, local authorities, businesses large and small, galleries and individuals to ensure the long term success of this project. The workshop should be a hotbed of creativity and opportunity and help each of us to develop our own practices. “

“We understand the importance of education and vocational training having all benefited from this ourselves. We see this as becoming an integral part of what WorkshopEast offers in the form of residencies, network and classes.”

Over time WorkshopEast has gained the invaluable advise and support form leading institutions and companies and we thank all of them for the help they have provided.