WorkshopEast is an innovative co-working hub in the heart of London, which brings together affordable, professional workshop facilities and a community of talented makers and mentors.


WE support a new generation of furniture designers and makers to develop and. WE act as a point of reference where clients can meet the craftspeople who can realise their visions.


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Born out of the need for affordable workshop facilities in London, WorkshopEast is a well equipped makerspace for trained craftspeople to create bespoke pieces and work with their clients in the capital.

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“Working in a community of makers is the best way of exchanging ideas, generating collaborative partnerships, keeping ideas fresh and the workshop innovative.”


Our members are all highly trained professionals producing bespoke work of the highest quality to meet the demands of discerning clients.

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For any projects large or small, meet the makers here who can bring your ideas to life.

From time to time work spaces become available - get in contact to enquire